About Woodbine Logistics

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We started Woodbine Logistics to solve a constant problem we saw during our 10+ years in the freight industry: shippers could easily access competitive solutions when moving freight between major hubs like Toronto and Montreal. But when a shipper wanted to move cargo to remote and rural locations, they often ran into problems.

Many freight companies would only offer a partial solution – or charge extremely high rates for a complete solution. This was doubly true for specialized shipments like time-sensitive grocery items and mining and construction equipment.

It does not have to be this way. There are always competitive options, even for shippers looking to move the most specialized items to the most remote locations. The problem is that assessing all available solutions – and selecting the highest value option for the shipper – requires specialized expertise. Woodbine possesses that expertise.

If you have a shipment that requires an outside-the-box solution, or need help managing complex logistics issues, get in touch with us today. Unusual is our specialty.